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Following the Kendrick Lamar featuring ‘Never Gonna Change’, Flying Lotus has shared ‘Coronus, The Terminator' also taken off his forthcoming You’re Dead album. As well as showcasing his immaculate production prowess, Fly Lo also gives light to some gentle vocals; encompassing a psychedelic atmosphere. Take a listen up top!

Produced by Knxwledge, from the album HALLWAYS | Sep. 2nd

I went to the free clinic / ‘Cause I been acting indecently / They told me I been tested to recently / And had to wait till May / That’s a month away / And my favorite girl is scared of everything / Yo, I swear to everything / But yet another girl on the way to go see her / And brought her a brassier on Canal Street / It was the same girl from the joint I did with L’Orange / True story / And now this dude next to me is smoking / Making my t-shirt smell nasty / Yo, don’t ask me. I guess I got problems / Seems like I got problems / I think I got problems / Looks like I got problems

I’m surrounded by hipsters / What does that say about me? / Maybe I’m not being honest with myself / Hipsters love independent movies / Shit, I love independent movies / Actually, I just like independent movies / So I think I’m cool there / I wanna be done with this / But I gotta rhyme at least some of this / Other genres you don’t even really have to rhyme / Can’t even understand what cats be saying half the time / Kurt Cobain you couldn’t understand shit / That shit was hot tho I ain’t tryna diss / Too late, y’all already pissed. I guess I got problems.

What to do? / Plain to see / I don’t know where to go / Pray for me / Who to call / Where to go / Ain’t that some shit, I’ll admit / I don’t know / I don’t know when to shave / I don’t know what to eat / I don’t know who to love / I don’t know who to beat / I don’t know how to be / I don’t know what to say / I don’t know when to leave / I don’t know when to stay. I guess I got problems.

Pre Order available here - http://bit.ly/swindle-walterscall

Swindle – Walter’s Call
EP Barcode: 5060180322274
Digital Barcode: 5060180322281

Brownswood Recordings and Deep Medi are proud to announce the release of Swindle’s “Walter’s Call EP”, available on 12” vinyl or digital on the 20th October 2014.


offtrack radioshow was special.

agreed! I was a huge fan

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There is something compelling and exciting about cities that makes many of us love (and some of us dread) them. They are full of bright attractions, intriguing strangers and endless, unimaginable possibilities. Yet despite a great migration towards city living in the modern era, we haven’t quite got cities figured out.



Tietgen Dormitory

By Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects

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21st century courtyard building. 

Blundetto & Don Camilo in a 80’s jamaïcan music trip.

Intro Fuzzy Jones
Fade Away - Little John
I love Christmas - Thriller U
Sugar Me - Conroy Smith
Run around girl - Chuck Turner
Girls go home - Coco Tea
Turn on the heat - Eccleton Jarrett
The feeling inside - Brian & Tony Gold
Ah no me she love - Chuck Turner
Tan good - King Tubby
Nah run from the clash - Trevor “Pan Bird” Levy
Round down the world - Nitty Gritty
Raggamuffin Rambo - Ackie
Aids - King Kong
Automatic - Mickey Murka
Watch how the people dancing - Kenny Knots
We try - Mickey Murka
Beautifull woman - Carl Meeks
Red eyes lover - Carl Meeks
Icky all over - Wayne Smith
E20 - Wayne Smith
Outro Fuzzy Jones

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